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Shop release schedule for 3/1/15

There will be multiple shop drops thorough the afternoon  in the Paulkaiju shop this Sunday.

3/1/15 shop drop schedule as follows:

12:00 PM PST (Cali time):


Salamander Joe is running amok with King Jinx at his control, heisting the “SCREAMING SIREN” idol which is the only key to keeping Jinx at bay from destroying human kind!

Will the Hulking Hydrothermal Monster SLUGBEARD throw a snag in Joe’s plans of destruction and conquest? Who will win?

CHAOS JOE set includes X3 figures.  Slugbeard in milky lavender vinyl with metallic sprays, “LAVA” King Jinx in yellow vinyl with metallic sprays, and SET ONLY painted Salamander Joe in semi glow blue vinyl, including Siren Idol.


In the shop at 12:00 PM PST (Cali time). Sets are $500 each plus S & H.  One set per person please. Adult collectors only.

CHAOS slug         Chaos Joe

A limited number of  “LAVA” King Jinx will be available individually for $250 plus S & H. One per person please. Adult collectors only.

Lava Jinx copy

12:30 PM. PST (Cali time):

PROP TYPE King Jinx hand brushed in Matte paints for a realistic scale model style.  Includes SIREN statue . Made in Japan.

In the shop 12:30 PM PST (Cali time) PROP TYPE King Jinx are $300 each plus S & H. One per person please. Adult collectors only.

Prop type Jinx

1:00 PM PST Cali time:

Mockpilot in flesh and glow vinyl with Metallic sprays. Made in Japan. Each Includes alternate DA DE head. $120 each plus S & H One per person please. Adult collectors only.

MockPILOT flesh     MockPILOT glow



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